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Now convert your movies to Flash and get them on the Web! CoffeeCup Web Video Player converts MPGs
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1 May 2010

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A lot of people are engaged in sharing their videos with the whole world easily through the web. If you also want to share your videos with your friends what is required is to have the videos in web-supported formats. With the CoffeeCup Web Video Player 5.0, you can have the videos converted to flash format that is compatible to work with most browsers. It supports the conversion of the MPGs, MOVs, AVIs, and WMVs to flash files in appreciably less amount of time.

CoffeeCup Web Video Player 5.0 does the conversion with perfection and you would find the features remarkable simple to use. You can start with adding the videos to the program with the Add Video option for converting it. The program would load the video and you can have the selection done for the for the quality settings. You can select the video quality to be good, better or best quality according to your requirements. Then you require clicking the ‘Convert Now’ option and the program then shows the ffdshow manager that you can use for the codecs of required. When you are finished with the selections the process for the conversion starts. After the conversion process completes you can view the video in the Preview window for a check. When you are satisfied with the conversion, you can save the video player easily. The program would shows the html codes for placing on the WebPages where you want the video to appear. You can even change the Video Player Settings, select for the skin that best suits the website and set the player size to be small or large. Make the selection for the video play lists.

With the CoffeeCup Web Video Player 5.0 does not require you to possess any special skill relating to HTML, Flash etc. Just pick your movie, add it and make it compatible to your Website and such sheer convenience earns it a score of 3.5 rating points. The software however lacks in providing the features like inserting text, drawing shapes, etc which restricts its appeal amongst professional designers.

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Now convert your movies to Flash and get them on the Web! CoffeeCup Web Video Player converts MPGs, AVIs, MOVs and WMVs to Flash quickly and easily. Just choose your videos and pick a player skin, and you'll be ready to upload your movies, clips, or favorite videos to your Website. With CoffeeCup Web Video Player, adding one or multiple movies to your Website has never been more simple. You can convert any movie or video in a snap. No HTML, Flash, or movie skills are required. You can choose different players to match your site and different quality and sizes to make automatic uploading and streaming a breeze. You can also add one movie or many to your player and an automatic playlist will be created. It's as easy as one, two, three!
CoffeeCup Web Video Player
CoffeeCup Web Video Player
Version 5.3
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